Welcome to Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education

Secondary education is the stage of education following primary education. Except in countries where only primary or basic education is compulsory, secondary education includes the final stage of compulsory education and in many countries it is entirely compulsory. Secondary education is characterised by transition from primary education to tertiary, post - secondary or higher education.

Higher Secondary Examination is a centralised examination of class 12. All the educational boards being autonomous bodies, their sessions of conducting exams differ from each other. The number of subjects, type of exams and grading methods differ among the boards. Clearing Higher Secondary Examination is mandatory for pursuing higher education or under graduate studies in India.

Earlier, the only mode of regular education used to deprive the working class, professionals, businessmen, house wives, students of weaker section of the society and the school dropout candidates. As per the data it is evident that a major section of our society does not enter the higher education because these students have to be the breadwinners for their families. There is high level of awareness and desire among the mass to improve the standards and level of higher education.

There has been a considerable increase in the spread of educational institutes during the period 1950-51 and 2007-2008. During these periods scope for secondary and higher secondary education increased by 3 times. Thus, it has given rise to a particular segment of so called Private Candidates. A private candidate is someone who is not in full time education in a school, college or similar educational institution. A private candidate can be a part time student, someone studying evening courses, school dropout, someone taking a correspondence or distance learning course or someone who is being home schooled or self taught. Here Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education plays a vital role in balancing the equation of getting those special students in a common platform , where they can avail low cost optimum & substantial education, learn the basics , examine & certify and appear for their first benchmark of Examination and obtain certificate of secondary level. It is just an initiative in pursuance to our national educational drive to help, encourage and support the neo-literates.